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What can I do for you?


I am a solution-oriented and holistic change-maker in biotech. My work marries big-picture strategic thinking with practical, proactive, and hands-on solutioning.

Your "tangled ball of yarn" problems are my forte.


Kristien Van Vlasselaer Consulting, LLC provides bespoke biotech consulting services focused on operations, strategy, and program management

Operations Assessment & Optimization

Evaluation, gap analysis, and development of realistic and actionable roadmaps and implementation plans for corporate success


Strategy & Development

Custom startup strategy planning and implementation for rapid execution, optimization of existing value, and maintenance of innovation

Best-in-Class Program Management

Research science-oriented,

fit-for-purpose program management and coaching to drive group efficiency and optimize program delivery

Ad Hoc


Customized, startup-savvy business excellence support tailored to your needs, timelines, and budget

A Bit About Me

  • Introvert moonlighting as extrovert; INTJ for what it’s worth, Virgo for everything else

  • Animal lover, always outnumbered by pets, avid horseback rider

  • Expert crocheter, intermediate knitter; lover of abstract art, texture, and vibrant color

  • Native Flemish speaker, first generation Belgian immigrant

  • Lover of Neil Gaiman and Malcolm Gladwell books, Formula 1, standup comedy, and biotech startup energy and momentum

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