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Associate Director, Cellular Innovation

I had the privilege of working with Kristien at Adaptive Biotechnologies for two years. This experience has had a profound impact on how I operate my team and on my views on leadership. Coming from a purely scientific and academic background, the nuances of corporate biotech are typically learned on the job. This process can be slow and painful or effective and streamlined, as in the case of having someone like Kristien on the team. Kristien’s ability to engage scientists from different backgrounds and to provide mentorship and guidance has had a positive impact on several fronts, from strategic data delivery in program meetings to timeline management to enhanced cross-functional collaborations. Kristien has also helped establish a culture of safety, accountability, and constructive and open debate. I believe that Kristien’s professional knowledge in both science and several aspects of strategic business development in biotech can benefit anyone wanting to effectively minimize the gap between science and business development towards advancing the corporate mission.


Vice President, Quality and CMC Development

"I worked with Kristien for one year and found her to be a professional, dedicated and a highly competent Project Manager. Kristien was differentiated by two attributes; firstly her technical background enables her to manage programs from a scientific perspective and understand and contribute to the complexities of the project rather than just be focused on execution and timelines, secondly Kristien creates and assures an open and enabling environment that allows all voices are heard and all aspects of the projects are pursued to an effective close."

Senior Manager, Science and Regulatory Advocacy

"I had the absolute pleasure of working with and receiving mentorship from Kristien during our time together on Booz Allen Hamilton's regulatory health account. Kristien is a gifted project manager who possesses an ideal combination of hard and soft skills. She is a problem-solver who is able to consider multiple perspectives of a problem simultaneously, while equipping others (i.e., those she works with and/or mentors) to do the same."


Senior Manager, UX/CX Design & Research

"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Kristien, who holds a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences and possesses a wealth of expertise in the field. We worked together at Adaptive Biotechnologies, a leading biotech firm in Seattle, where we were tasked with reimagining software UX tailored to our computational biology personas. Working in such a cutting-edge and publicly traded organization inevitably presents challenges, such as budget constraints and cross-functional communication hurdles. However, Kristien and I overcame these obstacles through collective efforts, resulting in successful project accomplishments.
As a usability design and research professional, I initially found the scientific area of focus and the software platform we worked on daunting. However, Kristien's outstanding communication skills, patience, and ability to distill complex problems into understandable terms made the process feel effortless. Her willingness to work co-creatively, without ego or power struggles, was a tremendous asset. Kristien's expertise and perseverance were invaluable throughout the project. She demonstrated patience and stamina in finding solutions, and her contributions greatly enhanced our product strategy and qualitative research decision-making. Based on my experience working with Kristien, I strongly recommend her for any role related to biotech research, product development, or medical sciences. Her knowledge, expertise, and professionalism are exemplary, and she would be a great asset to any organization. I look forward to collaborating with Kristien again in the future."


Manager, Cellular Innovation

I highly recommend Dr. Van Vlasselaer for Program Management. When Kristien was hired she took a team of highly unorganized individuals and groups and brought them together to function as a whole. Groups went from missing key components for deliverables, due to lack of communication and understanding, to delivering documents and data on or before deadlines. Under her guidance and management, timelines were met, projects were completed, and communication between sites improved. Kristien is an asset to any group, team or company.

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